My world of PD and MS!

It’s been 12 years since my diagnosis of MS and 2and 1/2 years for PD. How exciting!  I get to have 2 chronic illnesses!  The problem with having these illnesses is the fear of the future.  So I spend my waking hours worrying about what’s going to happen. So far, I’ve lived a pretty normal life.  Thank god , I have mild cases.  I mean, if you saw me, you would never think I had any illnesses. 

I’m 61 years old and have three grown children. I’ve been separated from my husband Barry for almost 9 years.  We are good friends.  I had a boyfriend for 8 years. Bob was the greatest, however, things didn’t work out.  I miss him!  I’ll talk about that another time.  I take lot of pills everyday. Not fun!  The real problem with me is my anxiety and depression. So we are trying a new prescription.  Oh no!  More side effects!  I just want to wake up with a sense of joy and peace. My psychiatrist says that I have to “own” the PD.  I think I haven’t done that yet.  That’s what’s causing my anxiety. So this is the first day I am going to try to own my PD!  No wonder I’ve had so much fear.  I don’t have to prove to anybody that I don’t have these illnesses.  

I have to say….. Today I woke up without that nervous feeling in my belly!  Yay!  I took my morning pills, drank my coffee, paid some bills, and now getting ready to work out. 

Be back later……