The Miracle of Birth

When you’re a grandma, life changes in many ways. At least it did for me! All my friends told me about the joy a grandchild brings, and they were right! Even in my darkest moments, I look at Shay’s(my grandson) picture and a smile comes to my face. I have more energy, more hope, and more love! Unconditional love from this little bundle of joy! And I know he knows my voice! When I am with him, he calms me and I calm him. I can’t stop looking at this miracle of life!He brightens my life!

Why am I talking about him right now? Because I am babysitting for the first time! Alone with my grandson for the first time! Parkinson’s and MS and all! Doesn’t stop Gamzy! (That’s my name for grandma). I love to sing to him and tell him how much I love him! And you know what is the best? My daughter Marni and son-in-law Shawn totally trust me alone with him. Even with my neurological challenges! They know if I didn’t feel comfortable doing it, I would say so! But I do! Shay gives me strength! I feel his positive energy which brings joy to my heart! He knows he can count on Gamzy’s love!

To me, he is perfect! I know every grandma says this, but he is really perfect! From his cute little toes to his precious little hands to his adorable little face!

So, I am in love with this new little man! The loneliness I feel is finally starting to fade away. Shay is a miracle.